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Blog : Being Purple


Being Purple

For my two week work experience placement from my high school in Ealing I was lucky enough to work at Purple Cubed. During this period I have worked at many things, giving me a really wide range of experiences. I started off collating spread sheets, data input and display. I then presented data about clients, their enquiries, and their needs. Doing this I got a good feel for the clients Purple Cubed have and so moved on to researching them further. I looked at their recent actions, like purchases and events, forecasting which clients would need more talent management support in the near future. It amazed me how integrated Purple Cubed’s Talent Toolbox on line performance review was to the everyday running of their companies and how this integration of this service allowed employees to develop as workers and as people.

I then moved on to web development. Talent Toolbox is completely web-based, so fluid, functional websites are essential to making it easy to use. I had entered the company with no experience in C# and .NET, or even web development in general. I had learnt C++ and a bit of Java previously so the jump to C# wasn’t too hard, but using HTML and CSS was like stepping into a different world. After a few hours (and a lot of help from the development team!) I realised it wasn’t too bad and was actually quite logical, and started to enjoy it. This kind of programming would definitely be an interest to me in the future.

The time came for me to move across to Business Development and Marketing, I found potential companies, highlighting their UK people count and turnover. Then researched these companies further, looking for recent large purchases (for example multi-million pound property developments), where their head offices are located and if they have talent management schemes in place or not.

I also started to look at the real life benefits of a talent management system, collecting statistics and figures showing the actual performance and productivity increase associated with the introduction of Talent Toolbox. It amazed me how many companies did not have one in place, even though it was obvious that it could drastically increase productivity, employee retention and overall profitability. I summarised these findings into a report showing just what a difference it can make, and how many organisations still are without such products.

I have definitely enjoyed my time at Purple Cubed, and have learned skills that could not be learned in a book or even classroom. I have definitely picked up some of the values that Purple Cubed operate by, and really hope to return some time! 

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