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Blog : Do something – the options for school leavers


Do something – the options for school leavers

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In light of this week’s A-Level results, Jane Sunley CEO of Purple Cubed, discusses what the options are for school leavers

Yesterday the the UK’s A-level results were announced, and for most school leavers, getting the grades they need is a pivotal (and stressful) time. Will they be able to pursue their chosen course of study? Will they go through clearing to find an alternative? Will they decide to find a job? Start a business? Sign up to an apprentice scheme? Take a gap year?

Taking a gap year can be an option though it’s important to make it a productive year – of course it’s about fun and travel, though by volunteering, learning a language, taking temp roles, it can be a career enhancer too. These – often highly formative – experiences can be related to a chosen career path. 

Even with their results, many young people still don’t know what they’d like to do. So with this in mind let’s draw some attention to an alternative ‘3 As’;

ability, aspiration and aim.

Those in education are often so fixated on the all important ‘AAB’ that they lose sight of these critical considerations towards a fulfilling and successful career.

School leavers should take a little time out to review:

  • Personal values  (free tool here )
  • Strengths and abilities
  • What an ideal career scenario might look like

And use this to work out what the options might be – it’s a journey to be broken down into steps.

Many young people aspire to run their own businesses – which is great! Though gaining some experience in a relevant field and learning about the practical aspects of business would be beneficial. By offering apprenticeships and work experience employers can provide such opportunities, which could in the long run allow them to harness potential from talented young individuals. 

The options are there; deciding which way to go can be challenging though the key is to do something; inertia is an infectious thing…

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