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Blog : Mentoring: Added value with deeper impact


Mentoring: Added value with deeper impact

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Having joined Purple Cubed as Operations Manager this month I was tasked to write a blog as part of my induction plan. As it is my first ever blog I was a little apprehensive, but once I had chosen an endearing topic, I soon realised I had plenty to say, and keeping to the word limit could be a problem.

The benefits for businesses of employees being mentored or becoming a mentor include…


1.    Sharing and passing on skills, knowledge and wisdom

2.    Low cost way to develop people – creating a pipeline of future leaders

3.    Provides mentors with alternative perspectives


I want to explore with you the third point and offer insight into how before joining Purple Cubed I was privileged enough to witness first hand mentoring with deeper meaning.

For the last six years I had been working for the award winning charity Working Chance. I was part of a dedicated team mentoring women with criminal convictions and supporting them back into employment, and last year Working Chance placed 144 women into paid employment across London.

During my time there I saw first-hand how businesses made a direct impact within their wider community through mentoring whilst really offering their employees alternative perspectives and learning that they could bring back to benefit their businesses.  


"I thought I was doing you a favour, but in fact you’ve done me the favour. I’ve changed my whole perception about ex-offenders and I have been educated at the same time. I feel very humbled.


The benefits to the individual women who received support and guidance included raised social skills, self-esteem, aspirations and expectations, and an extra bonus was that many of the companies where they were placed identified the hidden talent of these women, and employment opportunities were offered within either the company or their wider network.

I would encourage you to look beyond your standard view of mentoring or what a mentee looks like. It could be life changing not just for the person you are mentoring but for the mentor and your business. Many organisations are already reaping the benefits of mentoring, for example Virgin, and at Purple Cubed’s recent Breakfast Club Richard Branson spoke about why he is such a huge advocate.

Introducing mentoring into your business does not have to be difficult or time consuming. At Purple Cubed practice what we preach and all employees are encouraged to become a mentor or they are offered opportunities to be mentees.

If you are interested in nurturing your talent but want to keep it simple contact sally@purplecubed.com to explore why mentoring matters.

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