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Blog : 12 actions to take into 2013 to transform your business


12 actions to take into 2013 to transform your business

By Emily Perry - Head of Commercial Development

And so another year comes to a close - what a year it has been! There was the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, an astonishing Olympics and Paralympics where Super Saturday is still the cause of much conversation and now we’ve heard the news that there will be the patter of tiny feet in Buckingham Palace. It couldn’t have been any more jam-packed than it has!

When things are as busy as 2012, it’s easy to wonder where the time has gone. It’s also easy to forget about what’s happened; the successes, the challenges, the surprises. It’s therefore important to take a step back and reflect on the previous year – and what better time to do so than the last few days of December.

For me 2012 has seen learnpurple successfully named as a Finalist in the ‘Business Enabler of the Year’ category at the National Business Awards, grown so big we’ve acquired a fabulous additional space in our Covent Garden base and helped numerous clients take home coveted awards trophies, amongst many other successes.

And whilst we don’t focus on challenges (instead overcoming them and making the situation a success) we’ve had our fun with technology this year – moving onto a faster, more efficient platform so our service to our customers is enhanced and even more effective.

And the surprises… Well I can only say ’03.03’…. Watch this space!

Once you’ve looked back though, don’t dwell. Take your learning and then focus on the things which will make a real impact in the coming year. In our monthly column within University Business and our mailings to our Purple Revolutionaries (if you aren’t a member you can join here) we’ve outlined our advice and recommendations around the people stuff for the last year. And in the spirit of ‘make it simple’, I’ve pulled together the 12 things we believe each and every business, HR professional and individual should take into 2013 which will help transform their organisation and help it become a great place to work:

1)      Boost employee engagement

Communicate with your people on an adult-to-adult basis. Organisations do not employ children, they employ grown-ups who have mortgages, children, relationships and out of work responsibilities so treat them as such.

 2)      Maximise people potential

Challenge your people. Help and support them to step outside their comfort zones. Get them involved with projects, encourage them to come up with solutions. It keeps things fresh for the business and helps them learn and progress.

3)      Technology in the workplace

Make performance reviews easier by using an online system which facilitates the entire performance management process. A robust and proven system, like talent toolbox™, will streamline the process, ensure goals and outcomes are properly recorded; providing an electronic HR audit trail.

 4)      Sustainability

Implement simple rules, such as taking public transport to work and reducing food waste, to make your workplace more ethical and sustainable. Get involved in local CSR related projects; help your community. Keep reviewing and communicating.

 5)      Low-cost learning

Make use of job swaps, work shadowing and supplier visits to open people up to different business experiences and departments. It has a greater impact than sitting in a classroom doing ‘chalk and talk’ learning.

 6)      Develop operational people

Make it engaging and stimulating. For those who are on their feet and always very active at work, make sure sessions are interactive, practical and full of ideas they can use immediately.

 7)      Retain talent

Poor communication is a top influence in the decision to leave. Communicate on a two-way basis and give them the opportunity to offer their opinion. Use our free survey for up to 100 people to do so.

 8)      Get stuff done

Prioritisation is critical in getting stuff done. Use the urgent vs important tool; doing the jobs which are both urgent and important first; meaning you get the stuff done that really makes a difference.

 9)      Memorable customer experiences

People need to think creatively to ‘wow’ so encourage them to do so without having to ask permission. If they get it wrong, correct and celebrate the mistake. Just make sure they know the boundaries; within these they make their own decisions.

 10)  Social media

Identify the right social media channels by thinking about the desired outcomes. Then decide on a few channels (Facebook, Twitter, blog) which can be updated regularly. Keep it simple – you don’t need a voice on everything.

 11)  Wellbeing

Creating a wellbeing culture doesn’t need to be expensive; yet it offers a very valuable message – that you ‘care’. Swap the sweet bowl for one filled with fruit and offer healthy snacks, drinks and lots of water.

 12)  Just do it!

Many people are put off investing in the people stuff because it’s viewed as expensive and time consuming. Hopefully we’ve convinced you that it doesn’t have to be. So put that thought away and start doing these things now. And if you need a little more help; give us a call or buy Purple Your People for more inexpensive ways to become a great place to work.

A bonus tip for 2013...  Look out for our new book ‘How Not To Hate Your Job – the secrets of happiness and success at work’!

                                                                                                                                                     Wishing you a very prosperous 2013!

Have you taken a look back at 2012? What are some of the stand out moments for you – both in and out of work? Any early challenges to tackle in 2013?


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