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Blog : Responsibility or just plain common-sense?


Responsibility or just plain common-sense?

It’s been reported that employee engagement levels double with companies whose employees are proud of the contributions their organisation has made to the community (employeeengagement.com). We see lots of research and statistics around the importance of great leadership, excellent communication, development opportunities and an alignment of values when it comes to employee engagement and retention, but how much of a part does a strong CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy have on an organisations ability to retain its top people? To answer this question let’s look into some of the tangible benefits to be had from effective CSR:

A strong CSR policy enables inclusivity and variation
Research suggests that involvement in a company’s CSR teaches workers valuable new skills they bring to their regular roles (Forbes, CSR; A lever for employee attraction and engagement). Generation Y and the Millennials are constantly seeking variation within their roles, so instead of offering ad-hoc development or project work, why not explore refreshing your CSR policy or at least canvasing opinion around its effectiveness?

CSR promotes a sense of belonging and greater good
The not-for-profit company Net Impact, carried out research in 2012 and found that 45% of people questioned were willing to take a 15% pay cut for a job that makes a social or environmental impact (Net Impact research).

A deeper affiliation for the organisation
It’s no surprise that people whose values are aligned to the company they’re working for are more engaged, committed and motivated. And this too goes for the CSR policy; if an individual feels strongly about a cause, they will work hard to be a part of improving it and therefore be more likely to stay with you.

How strong is your company CSR? Do you know your organisations CSR policies?

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