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Blog : They'll want to stay


They'll want to stay


We spend, on average, 25% of our time working. It’s then an unfortunate fact that according to a 2013 US Gallup survey, up to 70% of people ‘hate’ their job or are actively disengaged.

It’s then not surprising 79% of organisations believe they have a significant retention and engagement problem, yet shockingly only 26% of these see it as an urgent matter (Forbes).

I was recently in a meeting with a Times Top 100 client and questioned the ten people, ‘how long have you been with this business?’. It averaged out at 17 years. A couple had been with the business for over 35 years and the enthusiasm they have for the organisation and for what they do every day was tangible.

So, what it is that that organisation does that make people want to stay and how is it possible to keep a ‘family feel’ of an organisation of 6,000+ people.

Asking around the room it was apparent the main reasons why people stayed were:

• They felt listened to through regular opinion surveys and annual reviews. More importantly, the leaders take action. Research by Towers Watson found that 43% of highly engaged employees receive feedback at least once a week compared to 18% of employees with low engagement. Being able to give feedback, and receive feedback from leaders creates an honest and open culture, and builds on trust.
• People aren’t pigeon holed in to specific areas or departments. They are given the opportunity to move to other areas of the business to ensure they are able to fully utilise skills, it’s really clear what each job role involves and what steps are required to get there.
• The business lives and breathes the values. Far too often you see businesses with values that are either ignored completely or far too complicated to remember. It’s refreshing to see a group living these both internally and in a way for external clients to see. A recent survey found that 65% of workers who could name their values say they had a strong grasp on company objectives (Globoforce). Embedded values ensure everyone is working towards the same goals.

I’ve been at Purple Cubed for six years now and it feels like a second home as we also believe these factors to be critical to business success. What do you think is important to ensure that your organisation is retaining the best talent?

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