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Simplifying HR strategy in a common sense way; helping aspirational growth businesses on a mission to:

Expert help in transitioning and supporting human resources strategy towards a more contemporary, bottom line focus; less resource, more action, better results through people.  Our award winning know-how, tools and techniques earned us the title of ‘Best UK HR Consultancy in 2014’ - find out more about our unconventional yet proven approach to talent management and more below.

Some say the war for talent is over and the talent won. Far from applying standard methodology; the ‘same old stuff’, this is about helping the aspirational business we work with to stand apart from the crowd, becoming a talent magnet. And then engaging and inspiring people to make a great, meaningful sustainable contribution – driven by them.

Purple Cubed was envisioned though an inspired idea to drive business through people, which requires great technology. Talent Toolbox is a suite of multi award-winning tools to open up two-way communications, help people to drive their own progress and development and enable business growth through brilliant people planning. 100,000 unique users across a number of countries are testament to this approach.

Culture & Values

Why: People ‘get it’ and deliver on it

Are your people:

  • Clear on what you stand for and why?
  • Living your values day in day out?
  • Led by cultural role models?

Getting this right presents major opportunity for competitive advantage, yet as organisations grow, what makes them great can dissipate. It’s not good enough to communicate your vision and values and expect people to ‘get it’. Our proven approach determines your values and any non-negotiables. And – here’s the challenging part – firmly embed them throughout the organisation – over and over.


Optional extras: values based performance management software


ROI from:

  • A brand underpinned by authenticity
  • Enhanced employee engagement / employee retention
  • People who ‘police’ themselves and evolve your business

“Companies who had highly engaged staff through an excellent office culture, took fewer days for illness (2.69 v 6.19), and would recommend their company more to others” (Madison)

Employer brand

Why: Become a talent magnet; best place to work

Does the labour market:

  • Respect your reputation as an employer
  • Understand what you have to offer talented people
  • Aspire to join you as a great place to work

Many organisations invest heavily in their consumer branding yet fail to communicate their employer brand. We help you to define and refine your employer promise (Employer Value Proposition or EVP) and put the necessary brand collateral across all areas of the Purple Plan™. This isn’t just about marketing though – you have to be authentic and do the right things – which is our area of expertise. 

Leadership (at all levels)

Why: People work for people

Are your leaders and managers:

  • Inspiring and engaging your workforce?
  • Consistent yet dynamic in their approach?
  • Trusted, respected, supportive?

Investment in leadership capability is often focused towards the top team. Yet the crucial middle management layer makes or breaks your business. This isn’t about classroom training, hoping it will stick; our proven approach enables you to define how leadership will work within your organisation and then ensure that all leaders; executive, managers and supervisors have the capabilities to deliver – consistently. 


Optional extras: Talent Toolbox™ software to manage and measure progress, succession planning, provide just-in-time employee driven learning and development and career planning.


ROI from:

  • Increased productivity and profitability
  • Enhanced employer brand / market reputation
  • Improved employee engagement / employee retention


“Bad Management Is the Number One Reason Employees Leave a Job” (Impact White Paper)

Purple Plan Diagnostic

Enable HR to be a business driver

Is the people function in your business:

  • On the board or a little bit bored?
  • A profit generator or a cost centre?
  • Enabling you to attract the best?

If you want the people function to be a driving force, The Purple Plan™ audits the entire people journey helping to improve performance through a simplified, more joined-up approach. By identifying and prioritising areas for improvement, together we will formulate practical, stripped-down and achievable business improvement plans.


Optional extras: Tools and delivery.


ROI from:

  • Happy, productive, more profitable people
  • Enhanced engagement / retention
  • Improved comms / idea flow


“£145 billion is the amount the 200 biggest companies in the world waste each year, due to failure to cope with increasing business complexity” (Warwick Business School)

Talent management

Why: Performance, succession, progression

In your organisation, are you:

  • Strategic in the way you attract, engage, develop, progress and retain your people?
  • Sure you have talented individuals in place to meet organisational needs now and in the future?
  • Confident that your employees are working toward their potential and making valuable contributions?

Talent management is all about linking your people strategy to your business strategy so that human capital needs are met and planned for.  Yet so many organisations overcomplicate this, failing to deliver. Starting with our Purple Plan™, we can help you simplify and clarify talent management within your organisation and provide the tools and analytics to enable and enhance delivery – consistently.

ROI from:

  • Company reputation – consumer and employee
  • Productivity and profitability
  • Market capitalisation

“Only 7% of businesses told us that they have a "strategic talent management" program. Our research found that around the world, 28% of organisations are "silo'd", 45% are "standardized," 20% are "integrated," and only 7% are "strategic." (Bersin by Deloitte)


Why: The people fit the fit out – always

Having invested in a new service business or opening a new building, are you:

  • Confident that service will match the standard of the environment?
  • Sure you’ll engage and retain the people you’ve spent time recruiting?
  • Clear about what ‘excellent’ looks like and how you’ll measure that?

Investors in premises and fit out often omit a critical part of the project by failing to ensure the workforce lives up to the hype. This is not as simple as just training them. It’s about winning over hearts and minds so they do the right things without being micromanaged; providing customer excellence because they want to and know how. Our proven method for defining, embedding and continuously improving service has worked locally and internationally time and time again.


Optional extras: Talent Toolbox™ performance management and development software



  • Reputation - great reviews from customers and critics alike
  • Happy, productive, more profitable people
  • Business growth and stability


“70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated.” McKinsey

Service excellence

Why: Great service that really delivers (over and over)

Are your customer facing teams:

  • Motivated and enthused about delivering service excellence?
  • Proud of your product / service and empowered to enhance it?
  • Clear about what ‘excellent’ looks like and how they know they’re achieving it?

Every business wants to provide ‘five star service’ yet for so many, it’s little more than lip-service. This is not as simple as just training them. It’s about winning over hearts and minds so they do the right things without being micromanaged; providing customer excellence because they want to and know how. Our proven method for defining, embedding and continuously improving service has worked locally and internationally time and time again.

Optional extras: Talent Toolbox™ performance management and development software


  • Reputation  - happy customers recommending you to others
  • Happy, productive, more profitable people
  • Business growth and stability


“A customer is 4 times more likely to defect to a competitor if the problem is service-related than price or product-related” Bain & Company


Why: Low-cost development, support, preserve knowledge

Are the people in your business:

  • Freely exchanging knowledge and sharing ideas?
  • Supportive of each other and confident to ask for help?
  • Able to find identify the right people to support them at the right time?

Done well mentoring can produce great business benefits, done badly it can damage and disrupt. By ensuring people are qualified to mentor and be mentored as well as embedding a simple and fool-proof way to ensure the process is well managed, the business the organisation will benefit from the low cost opportunity for development. And support.

Option extras: External coaching, embed coaching capability, mentoring software via Talent Toolbox™ (learn how, find mentoring matches, track and measure business benefits)



  • Reduced knowledge loss as Boomers retire
  • Low cost way to develop and engage people
  • Enhanced productivity and idea generation

“Because 80 % of learning is informal (as commonly cited by Bersin), mentoring empowers learning in ways that manuals, intranets, and training programs can’t. It shortens the learning curve, enhances productivity, and helps employees align to business strategy. In addition, knowledge transfer fuels succession planning…” Chronus

Attraction and selection

Why: You don’t have time to get it wrong

 Are the recruiters in your business:

  • Getting it right and enhancing your reputation in the process?
  • Clear about the importance of attitude and cultural fit as well as skills?
  • Recruiting people with potential to grow and progress?

There is no one size fits all’ approach towards recruiting the talented people you need for your organisation to thrive. This is way beyond ‘finding people who can do the job’; it’s about appealing  to those who are capable of becoming engaged and living your values; who will want to stay and progress. We’re not going to do the recruiting for you, though our proven methods of attracting the right candidates, handling application process through to selection will improve retention and success. 


Option extras: Psychometrics, cool, contemporary assessment centres, design, copywriting



  • Cultural fit; faster productivity
  • Employee engagement and retention
  • Enhanced company reputation and employer brand

“The average cost of recruiting the wrong person is £8,200, rising to £12,000 for senior managers or directors. In a recent EOC survey 35% of small workplaces estimated that a failed or wrong recruitment had cost anywhere from £1,000 to £28,000.” CIPD

Employee surveys

Are you:

  • Fully informed about what your people think and feel?
  • Confident that the way you find out information is simple enough to happen and robust enough to matter?
  • Clear about what to do with the outcomes?

It’s really important for every business to know what its people think around a range of issues in order to plan a cohesive people strategy. And to take regular ‘pulse’ checks to gauge the effects of change or other interventions. In an ideal world, people would just tell you though in practice this rarely happens - until it’s too late. Our approach is simple; this isn’t about external benchmarking and large unwieldy reporting. It’s about having access to sound metrics in a sensible format (for internal benchmarking and to drive progress) and then having support around next steps.

Optional extras: Talent toolbox™ performance management and development software


  • Deliverable HR plan
  • Business improvements and innovation
  • Happy, productive, more profitable people
  • Business growth

Talent Toolbox

Talent Management is a core business issue. Engaging hearts and minds is a commercial priority requiring a contemporary, cohesive approach and superior analytics.

It’s time to flip out of date approaches and, in turn, out-of-date attitudes and behaviours

Talent Toolbox is a modular, award–winning online Talent Management solution with proven ROI; incorporating communications dashboard, ongoing review and appraisal, induction monitoring, exit interviews, career and succession planning and so much more…

  • Enables employees to drive their own progress, development and careers
  • Improves employee engagement and capability, impacting performance and profitability
  • Provides superior information for business planning and metrics
  • Tracks achievements and performance management
  • Supports effective and timely leadership
  • Embeds culture and values
  • Creates performance accountability; aligning and tracking individual goals against department and business objectives
  • Provides a ‘people check’ through a wide range of instantly collated reporting
  • Enables organisations to more effectively track and measure initiatives such as mentoring

Who we are

Formed as learnpurple in 2001 as people retention and employee engagement specialists; we lauched our Talent Toolbox software in 2005 and became Purple Cubed in 2013. Everything we do revolves around our values.

Having identified an urgent need to combat the high labour turnover within hospitality organisations, we started there. We still love the hospitality industry and are proud to include many of the very best within our client portfolio (think Dorchester, Claridges, Soho House).

Since then, by taking a proven, strategic, business-savvy and common-sense approach to the ‘people stuff’ we’ve expanded into a variety of industries and types of organisation (think Yodel, TSB, Addison Lee), helping them to become great places to work, improving performance, employee engagement and profitability.

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177 - 178 Tottenham Court Road, London W1T 7NY